Jennifer "Jenny" E. Flythe, MD, MPH

Jennifer "Jenny" E. Flythe, MD, MPH

7007-C Burnett-Womack
Office: 919-445-2656
Appts: 984-974-5706

UNC Health Care Profile

Assistant Professor of Medicine
Medical Director, Acute Dialysis Unit, UNC Hospitals 

Specialty Areas: Hemodialysis patient care and research; advanced kidney disease patient care; patient-centered outcomes research; epidemiology


BS Cum Laude: Duke University, 1999
MD: University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, 2006
Resident: Oregon Health & Science University, 2006-2009
Hospitalist: Kaiser Permanente 2009-2010
Nephrology Fellow: Brigham and Women’s Hospital/ Massachusetts General Hospital Joint Program, 2010-2012
MPH: Harvard School of Public Health, 2013
Clinical Faculty: Brigham and Women’s Hospital, 2013-2014
Assistant Professor of Medicine: University of North Carolina, 2014-present
Medical Director, Acute Dialysis Unit: UNC Hospitals, January 2017-present

Board Certifications: Internal Medicine and Nephrology

Dr. Flythe’s research interests include identifying and understanding modifiable mortality determinants among maintenance dialysis patients and developing innovative treatment strategies to reduce these risks. She is particularly interested in hemodialysis procedural risk factors. The majority of her work focuses on dialysis hemodynamics, fluid management, and blood pressure patterns among maintenance hemodialysis patients. She also incorporates patient-centered outcomes and patient preferences into her work to ensure that patient-stated priorities drive outcomes research.

At UNC, Dr. Flythe is involved in the management of acute and chronic kidney disease patients with a focus on hemodialysis patients at the UNC Hospital and Kidney Center and its associated outpatient dialysis facilities.

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