Kidney Education Outreach Program

Welcome to the UNC Kidney Center’s KEOP!

One in nine North Carolinians has Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), including the 15,000 who have end-stage kidney disease and require dialysis. Awareness about personal risk factors for developing CKD and knowledge about how the kidneys function encourage persons to remember to ask, "HEY DOC, HOW ARE MY KIDNEYS?"® before  CKD’s clinical symptoms are apparent—when intervention can slow or stop CKD’s progression.

The KEOP’s activities are evidence and community-based, and focus on the counties that have higher prevalence rates of persons with end-stage kidney disease (see KEOP map).  However, we  collaborate  with all communities that agree to host local conversations and/or screening events.

Our primary interventions to raise awareness about CKD and to promote the important role of organ donation for persons with end-stage kidney disease include:

  • CKD Screenings
  • Community Conversations
  • Media Campaigns

For information about sponsoring an information session in your community, or partnering with the UNCKC to encourage citizens and primary care physicians to become better informed about kidney disease, please contact:

Jill Powell, MPH, Program Coordinator