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The Glomerular Disease Collaborative Network (GDCN) provides a way for health care professionals and patients to work together to learn more about diseases that affect the filters (glomeruli) in the kidney. Every year, kidney doctors, nurses, and pathologists in the network meet up for continuing education and to review ongoing and new studies involving patients with glomerular disease.

This year, guest speakers Manikkam Suthanthiran and Phyllis August came from Cornell Medical college to discuss biomarkers in kidney transplant rejection and issues around hypertension and the kidneys. Dr. Karin True gave a talk on recurrent glomerular disease after kidney transplantation and Dr. Samy Iskandar from Wake Forest University facilitated a clinical pathology conference.

The GDCN is administered by the UNC Kidney Center and is co-directed by Drs. Ronald Falk and J. Charles Jennette. Research registries are coordinated by Susan Hogan, PhD (adult), and Debbie Gibson, MD (pediatric). For more information on the GDCN annual meetings click here.