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Two-part audio podcast features questions related to “”Understanding Vasculitis and How it May Affect Your Friend” and “Ways You Can Maintain a Healthy Friendship.”

When someone has a friend or family member who has been diagnosed with vasculitis, that person might not know what to say or what to do. Delesha Carpenter, PhD, MSPH helps friends of vasculitis patients understand what it is like to live with the disease in this two-part podcast featuring Dr. Ron Falk, UNC Kidney Center Director and Dianne Shaw, Past President of the Vasculitis Foundation and vasculitis patient. Dr. Carpenter is a Research Assistant Professor in the Division of Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy at the Eshelman School of Pharmacy at UNC Chapel Hill.

In Part One, “Understanding Vasculitis and How it May Affect Your Friend”, Dr. Carpenter asks Dr. Falk some basic questions about vasculitis and what people with the disease typically experience. In Part Two, “Ways You Can Maintain a Healthy Friendship”, Dr. Carpenter talks with Dianne Shaw about some specific ways that friends can help maintain a healthy friendship with someone who has vasculitis.

Listen to the tracks here.