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Some highlights of kidney screenings from the spring of 2008.

KEOP Screening Team Travels to Mt Gilead

The KEOP sponsored a health fair for senior citizens at the Highland Community Center in Mt.Gilead on Thursday, March 20th. Mary Graves, KEOP’s lay leader for Montgomery County, coordinated participants from Mary G’s Diabetes Awareness Outreach, Thomas Insurance & Diabetic Supply Company, the Montgomery County Health Department (TB emphasis), Shipman Family Care Home Care Agency, Montgomery County Red Cross, and the Montgomery County Council on Aging.

Citizens were provided lunch compliments of the Troy Senior Center. The Mt. Gilead screening team included Donna Harward, Jeffrey Jackson, Caroline Jennette, Sophia Lionaki, and Joe Piscitello.

Ninety citizens screened at Greene County screening

2008 KEOP - Snow Hill
Mobile Outreach Unit parked at VDWO Center

The KEOP team of Keisha Gibson, Donna Harward, Jeffrey Jackson, Carolina Jennette, Lynn McKoy, and Beverly Rodegast traveled to Snow Hill, North Carolina (Greene County) to screen citizens at the Victory and Dominion World Outreach Center on March 29.

Supplies for this activity were funded through an Office for Minority Health and Health Disparities grant awarded to the North Carolina Chapter of the National Kidney Foundation. Members of the Community Health Ambassador Training Program (CHATP) assisted with on-site logistics and the KEOP staff screened 90 citizens.

2008 KEOP - Anson CountyKEOP Participates in Anson County Health Fair for Seniors

The Kidney Education Outreach Program participated in a health fair sponsored by the Anson County Senior Citizens Program in Wadesboro, NC on April 8. The screening team of Rowena Brown, Donna Harward, Suzie Hosman and Caroline Jennette, screened 42 citizens, answered questions about CKD and provided educational materials.

International Hot Road Association’s spring drag racing competition in Rockingham, NC

2008 KEOP - drag race screening
Second-year medical student Abhineet Uppal works the outreach table

On Sunday, April 20th, the KEOP provided free screenings to citizens at the International Hot Road Association’s spring drag racing competition in Rockingham, NC (Richmond County). The A & Z Team raced well and made it to Sunday’s semi-final round.

Tommy Arthur, Keri Arthur and Jay Zimmerman helped the KEOP secure this opportunity to screen at-risk citizens and the screening team of Terry Carver, Donna Harward, Caroline Jennette, Vicki Patterson, Joe Piscitello and Abhineet Uppal interacted with many race fans and race participants to promote awareness about the risk factors for CKD, to distribute CKD scorecards and to screen citizens at risk for the disease.

Everyone’s ears are still ringing from the roar of engines, but it was a perfect setting to promote CKD awareness and to support the UNCKC racing team.

KEOP Screens Citizens in Martin and Hertford Counties

KEOP 2008 - Martin CountyOn Wednesday, May 7th, the KEOP participated in a Senior Citizens’ Health Fair at The Senator Martin Agricultural Center in Williamston, NC. The Martin County Council on Aging sponsored the fair and the team of Donna Harward, Caroline Jennette, Lynn McCoy, and Vicki Patterson screened 52 citizens.

On Saturday, May 17th, the UNC Kidney Center, in cooperation with the North Carolina Chapter of the National Kidney Foundation (NCNKF), conducted a screening at the First Baptist Church of Murfreesboro in Hertford County. Mike Brown, Donna Harward and Caroline Jennette were joined by Denise Hockaday, NCNKF Vice president for programs and 41 citizens were screened for CKD.