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The UNC Kidney Center has produced an audio podcast featuring Dr. Ron Falk, in which he discusses the meaning behind the slogan “Hey Doc, How Are My Kidneys?”®

The release of this podcast coincided with the 2014 American Society of Nephrology “Kidney Week”, an annual national meeting that recently took place in Philadelphia from November 11-16. The meeting was expected to draw more than 13,000 kidney professionals from around the world.

UNC Hospitals and the UNC Kidney Center partnered together to sponsor the official meeting lanyards, which prominently feature the “Hey Doc” slogan.

The audio podcast discussion will give listeners a deeper understanding of the slogan and why it’s important. Dr. Falk explained that promoting the slogan at the national meeting on the lanyards would help spread the message.

“My hope is, is that with that message around their neck, that message will then translate to what they tell their patients. To have family members, ask the question, to their own providers, “Hey Doc, How are My Kidneys?”® It is an effort to continue the Kidney Education Outreach Program, not just in our state, but in a broader international context.”

You can listen to the audio here and on iTunes.