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Dr. Denu-Ciocca has been a key contributor in establishing new clinic dedicated to the treatment of kidney stones.

The UNC Kidney Stone Clinic, dedicated entirely to the treatment of kidney stones, began welcoming and educating kidney stone patients in early January of 2012. UNC Kidney Center’s Cindy Denu-Ciocca, MD has been a key contributor in establishing the clinic.

Kidney stones are a condition where substances in the urine form into a solid mass in the kidney. When not initially passed, kidney stones can get stuck in the urinary tract, causing urine blockage and severe pain. Kidney stones are often a reoccurring condition, easily redeveloping if patients do not properly adjust their lifestyle and diet.

One of the goals of the Kidney Stone Clinic is to educate patients on nutrition and medical treatments that can help to prevent or decrease the occurrence of future kidney stones.

Currently, the Kidney Stone Clinic receives patients once a month from Urology Clinic referrals. Patients are seen by Nephrologist Dr. Denu-Ciocca as well as Urologist Davis Viprakasit and Nutritionist Susannah Southern. By combining multiple disciplines, patients receive a well-rounded analysis of their condition, which they may have not otherwise received from a single specialized department.

Dr. Denu-Ciocca is optimistic about what the clinic will provide for patients.

“The new Kidney Stone Clinic is a great opportunity to educate patients and make them active participants in their care,” she said.