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DiseaseResearch Study Main I/EStudy LinkPIPrimary CoordinatorPC NumberBack-Up CoordinatorBC Number
GN - all typesGDCN RegistryKidney disease, healthy controls, disease controlsRegistry, BiobankNAFalklmccabe@email.unc.edu919-445-2635
Monoclonal GammopathyRegistry of MGRSAll monoclonal gammopathy with renal involvmentRegistryNAHladikanne_froment@med.unc.edu919-445-2622
ANCAPathobiology of ANCANew or flaring ANCATranslationalNAFalkmmcollie@live.unc.edu919-445-2696
ANCACD5 WATCH (B cell recovery)1 month in remission (after 1st treatment or 1st relapse in AAV)DeviceNCT03906227Derebailanne_froment@med.unc.edu919-445-2622
MNREBOOT (belimumab and rituximab)primary MN biopsied in last 3 years; age 18-75; eGFR > 40; proteinuria > 4g/day; BP < 140/90Phase 2NCT03949855Derebailanne_froment@med.unc.edu919-445-2622
MN, MCD, FSGSNEPTUNE ( Nephrotic Syndrome Study Network)Must be enrolled PRE BIOPSY; UPCR≥1.5Observational; BiobankNCT01209000Derebail/Gibson (Peds)sara_kelley@med.unc.edu919-445-2658
MN, MCD, FSGS, IgACureGN (Cure Glomerulonephropathy Network)Biopsied in the last 5 years; ancillary study now available for diabetes at biopsyObservational; BiobankNAMottlmaggie_dangelo@med.unc.edu919-445-2682caroline_poulton@unc.edu919-445-2636
FSGSPODO (PF-06730512)18-70 yo- Primary FSGS, eGFR> 45; UPCR> 1.5Phase 2NCT03448692Mottlanne_froment@med.unc.edu919-445-2622
FSGSLIPOSORBER LA-15Primary FSGS, up to75 yo, when weight is >15kg and eGFR> 45 & standard treatment unsuccessful OR patient is post-transplantDeviceNCT02235857Jainanne_froment@med.unc.edu919-445-2622
IGANRavulizumab IV for IgANage 18-75; primary, rapidly progressive IgAN; eGFR <30; proteinuria > 1gm, uncontrolled HTN, no immunosuppression in last 6 monthsPhase 2NCT04564339Mottlanne_froment@med.unc.edu919-445-2622
LUPUSMiSLE - Mesenchymal Stem Cells for refractory lupus BILAG A or B, Sledai score > 5, completed 6 months induction therapyPhase 2NCT02633163Sheikhjulie_walker@med.unc.edu919-843-6619
LUPUSRavulizumab IV for lupus nephritisage 18-75; clinically active LN Class III or IV; eGFR <30; proteinuria > 1gm, uncontrolled HTNPhase 2NCT04564339Mottlanne_froment@med.unc.edu919-445-2622
LUPUSVOCAL (Voclosporin)Ages 12-17, SLE biopsied in last year, evidence of active nephritisPhase 3NCT05288855
DKDTRIDENTDiabetes, >= 18yo, getting a biopsy: must be enrolled PRE-BIOPSYObservational; BiobankNCT02986984Mottlsara_kelley@med.unc.edu919-445-2658anne_froment@med.unc.edu919-445-2622
DKDCONFIDENCEType 2 diabetes, eGFR 30-75, UACR 300-5000 mg/gPhase 2NCT05254002Mottlsara_kelley@med.unc.edu919-445-2658anne_froment@med.unc.edu919-445-2622
Stenosis in fistulaWRAPSODY WAVE TrialChronic dialysis, mature AVF/AVG, de novo stenotic or non-stented restenotic lesionDeviceNCT04540302 Roy-Chaudhury julia3@email.unc.edu919-445-2686
Undergoing CEUSContrast Enhanced Ultrasound of the Kidneys RegistryPatients undergoing CEUSRegistryNAChanganne_froment@med.unc.edu919-445-2622
CKD, Non-DiabeticFIND-CKD (Finerenone)UACR 200-3500mg/g with documented albuminuria/protenuria in last 2 mths; eGFR 25-90; K+ <4.8 mmol/LPhase 3NCT05047263Mottlsara_kelley@med.unc.edu919-445-2658anne_froment@med.unc.edu919-445-2622
CKD, Non-DiabeticAMPLITUDE18-60 years old, UPCR >0.7g/g - <10g/g, eGFR >25 - <75Phase 2/3NCT05312879Derebailsara_kelley@med.unc.edu919-445-2658anne_froment@med.unc.edu919-445-2622

Contact by phone: Maggie D’Angelo 919-445-2682, Anne Froment 5-2622, Sara Kelley 5-2658, Fernanda Ochoa Toro 5-2672, Julia Narendra 5-2686, Caroline Poulton 5-2636