Emily Chang, MD

Assistant Professor of Medicine

Specialty Areas: Radiology with a special interest in ultrasound, chronic kidney disease and dialysis, mechanisms of kidney fibrosis and injury, electrolyte disorders

Chronology: BS: Stanford University, 1995; PhD candidate: Massachusetts Institute of Technology: 1996-1998; M.Ed. in Education: University of Massachusetts at Boston, 2002; MD: University of North Carolina School of Medicine, 2007; Resident: University of North Carolina, 2007-2010; Nephrology Fellow: University of North Carolina, 2010-2012; Clinical Instructor in Nephrology: University of North Carolina, 2012-2015; Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine: University of North Carolina, 2015-present.

Dr. Chang’s clinical and research focus is on chronic kidney disease. She initially began her research from a basic science focus, looking at mediators of acute kidney injury and fibrosis in the kidney. She now focuses on the development and application of radiologic techniques applicable to patients with chronic kidney disease.


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