Recent Outreach Events

See below for a few recent events we have participated in locally and around the state:

We attended a UNC Men’s baseball game and interacted with several people who had personal experience with chronic kidney disease and/or diabetes. It was a great opportunity to speak with people and offer some education about kidney disease before they enjoyed the baseball game.

KEOP 2017 Baseball Game

The KEOP visited the Greene County Senior Center Health Fair in May. We connected with several people in the community focused on improving the health of those in Greene County. We passed out several educational brochures related to CKD, and CKD and diabetes and chatted with several community members directly affected by kidney disease.

Thank you Greene County Senior Center for having us!

KEOP Greene County KEOP Greene County - truck

KEOP in North Carolina

The following map represents the KEOP presence across NC counties, including media campaigns using local citizens as awareness spokespersons and billboards promoting the importance of increased organ donation and kidney education.

The KEOP has 3 major community and evidence-based emphases:

  • Conversations to raise awareness about CKD and its primary risk factors
  • CKD screenings for persons at increased risk for developing CKD
  • CKD awareness media campaigns



If you would like for someone from the KEOP to visit your community to engage in conversations about the ways that associated chronic illnesses affect kidney health and the role of good self-management in preventing CKD or in slowing its progression, contact Jill Powell, MPH, Program Coordinator, at 919-445-2618 or