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UPDATE: The 2021 GDCN Meeting will be held virtually.

Save the date! The 34th Annual Meeting of the Glomerular Disease Collaborative Network will take place Saturday,
April 24, 2021.

The GDCN is a network of health care professionals and researchers that help recruit patents into a long-term registry that seeks to learn more about diseases that affect the filters (glomeruli) in the kidney. Every year, network members meet up for continuing education and to review ongoing and new studies involving patients with glomerular disease.

Meeting objectives:

• Review and understand the pathophysiology of various Glomerular diseases.
• Recognize new treatment protocols/experimental therapies for Glomerular disease.
• Describe the role that the GDCN patient registry plays in Glomerular disease research.
• Discuss treatment and clinical management options with attending colleagues.

Central Coordinating Office:

Glomerular Disease Collaborative Network (GDCN)
7024 Burnett-Womack Bldg
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7155
Phone: 1-866-462-9371