The overall goal of our research program is to improve the lives of individuals living with end-stage kidney disease. We conduct patient-oriented research among individuals with advanced chronic kidney disease and individuals receiving maintenance dialysis. We seek to identify modifiable determinants of morbidity and mortality in these populations and to develop innovative treatment strategies that will improve clinical and patient-reported outcomes. To achieve these goals, we conduct observational (i.e. epidemiologic) investigations, qualitative studies, and clinical trials using modern study designs and novel analytic techniques. We are committed to incorporating patient preferences and priorities into our research studies and seek to consider diverse stakeholder perspectives when designing, implementing and reporting our research.

The Flythe Research Team (left to right): Matthew Tugman, Julia Narendra, Magdalene Assimon, Lily Wang, Adeline Dorough, and Jenny Flythe.

Check out our Dialysis Research Education Toolkit™ and My Dialysis Plan™ Person-Centered Care Planning Resources.

Contact Us

Jenny Flythe, MD, MPH
Principal Investigator
UNC Kidney Center
7024-Burnett Womack CB #7155
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7155

Julia Narendra, MPH
Research Program Manager