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Conducting innovative patient-centered research to improve the lives of people with kidney disease

Our research aims to improve the safety and experiences of individuals living with kidney disease by bettering clinical and patient-reported outcomes. We use various clinical study designs and approaches including epidemiology, clinical trials, qualitative methods, and implementation research. We collaborate with diverse stakeholders to enhance research design, promote dissemination and clinical uptake of findings, and improve care delivery.


We conduct large cohort studies using modern study designs and analytic methods, focusing on medication safety and volume management among individuals with kidney failure.

Qualitative Methods

We apply a range of methods to elicit patient preferences and priorities which inform development of patient-reported outcome measures, health education, and interventions.

Clinical Trials

We design and conduct clinical trials that test the efficacy, effectiveness, and safety of strategies aimed at improving clinical and patient-reported outcomes.

Implementation Research

We develop, test, and refine interventions to promote person-centered care approaches, focusing on real-world implementation to enhance equity, efficiency, and sustainability.

Dialysis Research Education Toolkit

To foster research-ready dialysis clinic cultures

My Dialysis Plan

To conduct more person-centered care planning with shared decision-making

Getting Ready:
Your Vascular
Access Journey

To support and empower patients in getting a dialysis vascular access

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Jenny Flythe, MD, MPH
Principal Investigator