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Our team aims to foster innovation and improve
the lives of
people with kidney disease through…

Person-centered care shifts the focus from the disease to the whole person to enhance care experiences, promote patient activation, and improve outcomes. Our team facilitates integration of this philosophy into routine care through development, implementation, and evaluation of patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs), as well as ascertainment of patient preferences, priorities, and values.

Sub-optimal volume and blood pressure management contribute to high rates of hospitalization and death among individuals receiving hemodialysis. We conduct observational and prospective studies to identify strategies to improve volume-related outcomes and related patient experiences.

Health education is an essential tool for promoting patient engagement, activation, and self-efficacy. We aim to improve research processes and clinical care by partnering with stakeholders to create mixed media materials (video and written) that inform individuals of health care options, research methods, and other identified knowledge gaps.