Former Clinical & Research Fellows

Tariq Abo-Kamil, MD Tariq Abo-Kamil, MD
Adult Nephrology: 2008-2010Maria Parham Nephrology & Hypertension
Henderson, NC
Patrick Archdeacon, MD Patrick Archdeacon, MD
Adult Nephrology: 2005-2007
Renal Transplant: 2007-2008U.S. Food and Drug Administration
Rockville, MD
Baher Basta, MD Baher Basta, MD
Adult Nephrology: 2013-2015Tidewater Physicians Multispecialty Group
Nicole Beaufort, MD Nicole Beaufort, MD
Pediatric Nephrology: 2009-2012NC Pediatric Associates
Henderson, NC
Andy Bomback, MD Andy Bomback, MD
Adult Nephrology/Renal Epidemiology: 2007-2009Columbia University Medical Center
New York, NY
Elizabeth Brant, MD Elizabeth Brant, MD
Adult Nephrology: 2011-2013
GN Fellow: 2013-2014
Vasculitis Fellow: 2014-2015
Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center Division of Nephrology
Lebanon, NH
Sara Burgardt, MD Sara Burgardt, MD
Adult Nephrology: 2014-2016UNC Division of Nephrology
Chapel Hill, NC
Emily Chang, MD Emily Chang, MD

Adult Nephrology: 2010-2012
Research Fellow: 2012-2014

UNC Division of Nephrology
Chapel Hill, NC

Nadiesda Costa, MD Nadiesda Costa, MD
Research Fellow: 2009-2011
Allan Brewster Transplant Nephrology Fellow: 2011-2012University Of Maryland School Of Medicine
Baltimore, MD
Elizabeth Dehmer, MD Elizabeth Dehmer, MD
Adult Nephrology/MPH: 2009-2012University of Kansas
Vimal Derebail, MD Vimal Derebail, MD
Adult Nephrology/Renal Epidemiology: 2006-2009
Research Fellow: 2009-2010UNC Division of Nephrology
Chapel Hill, NC
Keisha Gibson, MD Keisha Gibson, MD
Peds Nephrology/Renal Epidemiology: 2006-2008UNC Division of Nephrology
Chapel Hill, NC
Patrick Gipson, MD Patrick Gipson, MD
Adult Nephrology: 2006-2008Clinical Assistant Professor
University of Michigan
Lee Gray, MD Lee Gray, MD
Adult Nephrology: 2005-2007Piedmont Nephrology & Hypertension Associates
Hickory, NC
Catherine Hathaway, MD Catherine Hathaway, MD

Research Fellow: 2013-2014
Adult Nephrology/Geriatrics: 2009-2012

Hilana Hatoum, MD Hilana Hatoum, MD

Adult Nephrology: 2012-2014
Allen Brewster Transplant Nephrology Fellow: 2014-2015

Akhil Hegde, MD Akhil Hegde, MD
Adult Nephrology: 2014-2016UNC Division of Nephrology
Chapel Hill, NC
Koyal Jain, MD Koyal Jain, MD
Adult Nephrology: 2013-2015UNC Division of Nephrology
So Yoon Jang, MD So Yoon Jang, MD
Transplant Fellow: 2009-2010
Adult Nephrology: 2007-2009Capital Nephrology Associates
Raleigh, NC
Kristel Jernigan, MD Kristel Jernigan, MD
Allan Brewster Transplant Nephrology Fellow: 2010-2011Eastern Nephrology Associates
Greenville, NC
Christina Kahl, MD, PhD Christina Kahl, MD, PhD
Adult Nephrology: 2008-2011
Hospitalist, UNC Hospitals
Chapel Hill, NC
Suzanne Katsanos, MD Suzanne Katsanos, MD
Adult Nephrology: 2014-2016Metrolina Nephrology Associates
Charlotte, NC
Jason Kidd, MD Jason Kidd, MD
Adult Nephrology: 2009-2012Medical College of Virginia
Division of Nephrology
Richmond, VA
Lindsay Kruska, MD Lindsay Kruska, MD
Adult Nephrology: 2009-2012UNC Division of Nephrology
Chapel Hill, NC
JulieAnne McGregor, MD JulieAnne McGregor, MD
Adult Nephrology/Research Fellow: 2007-2011UNC Division of Nephrology
Chapel Hill, NC
Carla Nester, MD Carla Nester, MD
Peds/Adult Nephrology/Research: 2003-2007Department of Medicine and Pediatrics at the University of Iowa
Iowa City, Iowa
No Picture Available Palak Parikh, MD
Adult Nephrology: 2009-2011New York, NY
K. Dionne Posey, MD, MPH K. Dionne Posey, MD, MPH
Adult Nephrology: 2008-2010
Marc Richards, MD Marc Richards, MD
Adult Nephrology: 2009-2012South Florida Kidney Disease & Hypertension Specialists, PA
Boca Raton, FL
Ryan Sanford, MD

Ryan Sanford, MD
Adult Nephrology: 2011-2014

Carolina Kidney Associates
Greensboro, NC

Vivek Sanghani, MD

Vivek Sanghani, MD
Adult Nephrology: 2014-2016

Metrolina Nephrology Associates
Charlotte, NC

Scott Sanoff, MD Scott Sanoff, MD
Renal Transplant Fellow: 2008-2009
Adult Neph/Renal Epidemiology: 2006-2008Kidney Transplant Specialist
Duke University
Durham, NC
Fernanda Payan Schober, MD

Fernanda Payan Schober, MD
Glomerulonephritis and Vasculitis Fellow: 2015-2016
Research Fellow: 2014-2015
Adult Nephrology: 2012-2014

David Shoham, PhD, MSPH David Shoham, PhD, MSPH
Renal Epidemiology FellowPreventive Medicine and Epidemiology
Stritch School of Medicine, Loyola University
Chicago, IL
Jennifer Slickers, MD, MPH Jennifer Slickers, MD, MPH
Pediatric Nephrology: 2004-2007Department of Pediatrics, Nephrology Division
Doernbecher Children’s Hospital
Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU)
Portland, OR
Greg Smith, MD Greg Smith, MD
Adult Nephrology: 2006-2008Columbia Nephrology Associates
Columbia, SC
Adam Stern, MD Adam Stern, MD
Adult Nephrology: 2009-2011Capitol Nephrology
Raleigh, NC
Heather Stewart, MD Heather Stewart, MD

Med/Pediatrics Fellow 2008-2012
Allen Brewster Transplant Nephrology Fellow 2012

University of South Carolina
Columbia, SC

Kawan Swain, MD Kawan Swain, MD
Adult Nephrology: 2013-2015

Eastern Nephrology Associates
Greenville, NC

Karin True, MD Karin True, MD
Adult Nephrology:2002-2004
Renal Transplant: 2006-2007UNC Division of Nephrology
Chapel Hill, NC
Jennifer Vick, MD Jennifer Vick, MD

Pediatrics Clinical Fellow: 2009-2010
Pediatric Nephrology/ Transitional Research: 2010-2011
Pediatric Nephrology/Translational Research: 2011-2012

Matthew Volk, MD Matthew Volk, MD
Adult Nephrology: 2010-2012Mountain Kidney Associates
Asheville, NC
Katie Westreich, MD Katie Westreich, MD
Pediatric Nephrology: 2014-2016UNC Division of Nephrology
Chapel Hill, NC

Former Non-MD Postdoctoral and Predoctoral Trainees

Ahinee Amamoo, MS Ahinee Amamoo , MS
Renal Epidemiology/Predoctoral: 2007-2011
Delesha Miller Carpenter, MPH Delesha Miller Carpenter, MPH
Renal Epidemiology: 2008-2009
 Bradley Layton
Renal Epidemiology/Predoctoral: 2010-2012
Jill Lebov Jill Lebov
Renal Epidemiology/Predoctoral: 2011-2013

Former Visiting Scholars

Ya Li Cao, MD Ya Li Cao, MD
Visiting Scholar: 2008-2010Peking University
Peking, China
Hyng Chung, MD Hyng Chung, MD
Visiting Scholar: 2008-2010Ulsan University
South Korea
Peter Hewins, MD Peter Hewins, MD
Visiting Scholar: 2005-2007University of Birmingham Medical School
Birmingham, UK
Keun Sang Kwon, MD Dr. Keun Sang Kwon, MD
Visiting Scholar: 2010-2012Chonbuk National University Medical School
Louis-Philippe Laurin, MD Louis-Philippe Laurin , MD
Visiting Scholar: 2011-2013Université de Montréal Department of
Tae Woo Lee, MD Tae Woo Lee, MD
Visiting Scholar: 2010-2012Seoul National University College of Medicine
Sofia Lionaki Sofia Lionaki, MD
GreeceLaiko General Hospital of Athens
Regulo Valdes, MD Regulo Valdes, MD
Visiting Scholar: 2006-2007Servicio de Nefrologia
Complejo Hospitalario Metropolitano
Caja de Seguro Social
Via Transistmica
Haijin Yu, MD Haijin Yu, MD
March 2007-September 2008Ruijin Hospital, Jiaotong University
Shanghai, China