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The role of the SMaRRT-HD Stakeholder Panel is to provide a range of perspectives that will influence how to best implement our study in a real-world setting, how to overcome barriers to implementation, and how we can achieve our goal of relieving dialysis-related symptoms.

Our pillars for stakeholder engagement:


  • The SMaRRT-HD Study Stakeholder Panel meets two times per year.
  • The first meeting was held in-person and virtually on February 28, 2023 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. At this initial meeting stakeholders discussed how to promote buy-in for the SMaRRT-HD Study at the patient, clinic personnel, medical provider, and clinic leadership levels, as well as how to overcome barriers to implementing the SMaRRT-HD symptom monitoring system in routine dialysis care.
  • The second meeting was held virtually on December 11, 2023. Stakeholders were presented with an overview of learnings from the Optimization Phase of the study. Stakeholders provided feedback on how to improve communication with clinic staff and how to encourage better engagement.


What are your goals for the SMaRRT-HD study as a stakeholder?

To educate and empower patients, improve patient care experiences, and promote better care practices.

To learn more from the patient perspective about how to improve care.

To hear patient voices and lead to change in the future.

To make dialysis care more patient-centered.

To provide better care for patients.

To reduce barriers to getting care patients need.