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William Frey, CPCC

The UNC Kidney Center has produced a five-week stress management techniques podcast aimed at patients and their families. The video podcast features William Frey, Assistant Manager of UNC Training and Talent Development, Instructor of UNC’s Mindfulness based Stress Reduction program, publisher of Stress Tips, and certified professional co-active coach.

With the help of these five short episodes, patients identify their personal symptoms of stress and learn to personalize stress management techniques to their everyday routine. Patients are able to follow along with the podcast through a provided workbook.

In Episode One, “The Cost of Stress”, Frey reviews the definition and dangers of stress. He also identifies common symptoms and warning signs and differentiates between episodic and chronic stress.

In Episode Two, “Breath Awareness”, the importance of breath in stress reduction is highlighted. Patients are introduced to various breathing techniques that allow for an aware mind and relaxed body.

In Episode Three, “Gentle Stretching”, Frey addresses the tension that accumulates with stress and introduces gentle stretching techniques that can relieve built up tension.

In Episode Four, “Observation of Thoughts”, thoughts are identified as the driving forces behind behavior. The importance of thought awareness is emphasized and practiced through silent meditation.

In Episode Five, “Keep Up Your Practice”, Frey reviews ways which patients can integrate stress relief practice into their everyday routines.

Download workbook to guide you through

Watch Episode One. (10 minutes 3 seconds)

Watch Episode Two. (9 minutes 13 seconds)

Watch Episode Three. (14 minutes 9 seconds)

Watch Episode Four. (10 minutes 33 seconds)

Watch Episode Five. (7 minutes 48 seconds)