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This gift will support the Kidney Center’s research efforts.

The University of North Carolina Women’s Soccer Team recently made a gift of more than $10,000 to the UNC Kidney Center. This gift will support the Kidney Center’s research efforts; it will help provide needed research supplies, facility use fees and the study of avenues of investigation and new approaches to ongoing questions that pertain not only to ANCA glomerulonephritis, but to the general fields of autoimmunity, inflammation and basic neutrophil and monocyte biology.

The soccer team is well-known for its athletic dynasty and captured its 22nd NCAA National Championship this year. The players also emphasize the importance of core values and give a donation to a charitable cause every year.

Benevolent gifts made to the UNC Kidney Center have gone a long way to assisting kidney patients. In 2012 a women’s running group named “Chasing Vermeer” gave a gift to the Kidney Center. This gift went to the Patient Emergent Need Fund, which provides assistance for kidney patients with critical financial need.

Another example of charitable giving for kidney patients is from the efforts of David Cole, who organizes the “Raven Rock Ramble”, an annual 100-mile bike ride. Proceeds from the ride are given to the Kidney Center. The event has raised over $128,000 toward kidney health and awareness.

The UNC Kidney Center thanks the soccer team, and all individuals who take part in giving. Thank you!