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Raven Rock Ramble 2022
The Raven Rock Ramble 2022 bike ride benefiting the UNC Kidney Center.

A Beautiful Day

On a beautiful Sunday in May, Harris Lake County Park in Wake County was very busy, full of bicycle riders ready to take on the Raven Rock Ramble (RRR), a bicycle ride that explores the four-county area around Raven Rock State Park. The Raven Rock Ramble bicycle ride began in 2002 to promote awareness of kidney health and the importance of organ donation. The ride has grown into one of the premier cycling events in the state, and registration typically fills not long after it opens. The ride’s founder, David Cole, is a kidney transplant recipient and directed the event for the last 20 years. Proceeds from the RRR benefit the UNC Kidney Center to help continue to increase awareness about kidney health and organ donation throughout the state.

The RRR is overseen by a board of directors including:

  • Doug Kline – President
  • Bob Oderkirk – Vice President
  • Hal Drumheller – Treasurer
  • Mark Olsen – Secretary
  • Diane Huis
  • Cecilia Redding

In addition to the board of directors, this bike ride would not be possible each year without its great volunteers and sponsors. Without all the wonderful support, this event would not be such a success. If you are interested in the bike ride next year, the event will be held on Sunday, May 7, and registration opens on December 3, 2022.

RRR bike

UNC Kidney Center

Over the years, the RRR event has raised over $400,000 to support the UNC Kidney Center! These funds primarily go to screen for kidney disease in under-served rural communities throughout the state of North Carolina. Kidney disease often has no symptoms until your kidneys are significantly damaged. Early detection, awareness and routine testing are important. To learn more about the Kidney Center’s outreach and education program, click here.

An Interview with David Cole

One of the ride sponsors this year, Leith Cars, sat down and interviewed David Cole, RRR Founder and Spokesperson, about the ride and the cause, and his personal connection to it all. You can watch the interview here. Remember to always ask, “Hey Doc, How are my Kidneys?”