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The GDCN was established in 1985 as a means of enhancing communication and research efforts between community nephrology offices, academic nephrology & pathology departments, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine. Its purpose is to learn more about the causes and pathogenesis of glomerular diseases, as well as to find the most effective treatments for patients with these diseases.
Every year, network members meet up for continuing education and to review ongoing and new studies involving patients with glomerular disease.

GDCN 2017 Guest Speaker Michelle Hladunewich, MD, FRCP(C), M.Sc

Photos by Rochelle Moser and Ken Jackson

Close to 100 physicians attended the 31st annual meeting of the Glomerular Disease Collaborative Network (GDCN) in Chapel Hill, NC over the weekend of May 20-May 21, 2017. The guest speaker, Michelle Hladunewich, MD, FRCP(C), M.Sc, is a world expert in pregnancy and kidney disease and is an associate scientist at Canada’s Sunnybrook Research Institute and associate professor at the University of Toronto.

Several presentations were given over the weekend, which included a variety of topics: physician perspectives on the treatment of glomerular diseases, pregnancy and kidney disease, anticoagulation, risk prediction in diabetic kidney disease, and a review of amyloidosis and other plasma cell diseases. Participants also engaged in an interactive biopsy case discussion and presented complicated glomerulonephritis cases to an expert panel for in-depth discussion. The 32nd annual meeting will be held in the Spring of 2018. Details will be posted on the annual meeting page as they become available.


How I Treat IgA Nephropathy – Michelle Hladunewich, MD

How I Treat Membranous Nephropathy – Patrick Nachman, MD

How I Treat ANCA Vasculitis – Ronald Falk, MD

Anticoagulation in Kidney Disease: Considerations for Patients with Nephrotic Syndrome – Vimal Derebail, MD

Amyloidosis and Other Nephro-relevant Plasma Cell Diseases – Sascha Tuchman, MD

Pregnancy & Glomerular Disease – Michelle Hladunewich, MD

Lupus Management & Trials – William Pendergraft, MD

Heterogeneity and Risk Prediction of Diabetic Kidney Disease – Amy Mottl, MD & J. Charles Jennette, MD

Renal Biopsy Case Discussion – J. Charles Jennette, MD