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Welcome to the Kidney Health Library.

Kidney patients seeking information about their disease will find patient education audio podcasts and glomerular disease pages here.

Patient Education Podcasts

The UNC Kidney Center has produced many patient education podcasts. These are resources that cover a wide range of topics, including many individual glomerular diseases and treatments, and various subjects related to kidney disease like kidney transplant and patient support.

View full list of podcasts available.

Glomerular Disease Pages

Nephros is the Greek word for kidney. Your kidney doctor is called a nephrologist because he or she treats kidney diseases.

The tiny structures that do the work in your kidneys are called nephrons. Each of your kidneys contains about one million nephrons. Each nephron has a small blood vessel that brings in unfiltered blood, a glomerulus (glow-mare-Yule-us) that filters the blood, a tubule that caries away filtered waste materials in the urine, and a small blood vessel that returns filtered blood to the body.

Diseases that injure the glomeruli are known as glomerular diseases.

Read more about the kidney and glomerulus here.

Find out more about each specific glomerular disease below.