• Lauryn’s Kidney Story

    At the age of 4, Lauryn Mulder was diagnosed with a rare kidney disease known as IgA vasculitis. In the years that followed, she required a variety of medications, frequent blood work and regular clinic visits with her pediatric nephrologists at the … Continued

  • Celeste Castillo Lee Will Be Remembered for Her Work in Patient Engagement

    Celeste Castillo Lee shared her work in patient engagement with the University of North Carolina in October and November of 2016; she gave a presentation at UNC Nephrology Grand Rounds as well as an interview with Dr. Ron Falk in … Continued

  • “Hey Doc, How Are My Kidneys?”®

    The UNC Kidney Center has produced an audio podcast featuring Dr. Ron Falk, in which he discusses the meaning behind the slogan “Hey Doc, How Are My Kidneys?”® The release of this podcast coincided with the 2014 American Society of … Continued

  • Kidney Disease: A Patient’s Perspective

    Paul was still a teenager when he was diagnosed with kidney disease. His kidneys stopped working and he went on dialysis for 9 months before receiving a kidney transplant from his sister. Twelve years after receiving a kidney transplant, Paul … Continued

  • Membranous Nephropathy

    These podcasts feature Dr. Ron Falk talking with a patient about the kidney disease Membranous Nephropathy. Questions and answers include, “What is Membranous Nephropathy?”, “How did I get this disease?” “What symptoms might I experience?”, “What types of treatments are … Continued

  • Membranous Treatments

    Dr. Ron Falk discusses issues surrounding treatment for the disease Membranous Nephropathy. Discussions include topics such as cholesterol-lowering drugs, blood thinners, and steroids, among many others. Dr. Romulo Colindres provides the Spanish translations. Listen to the full length recording (13 … Continued

  • Minimal Change Disease

    These podcasts feature Dr. Ron Falk discussing the kidney disease Minimal Change Disease, with a parent of a child who has the disease. He answers questions such as “What causes Minimal Change Disease?” and “What steps can I take to … Continued

  • Stress Management

    The UNC Kidney Center has produced a five-week stress management techniques podcast aimed at patients and their families. The video podcast features William Frey, Assistant Manager of UNC Training and Talent Development, Instructor of UNC’s Mindfulness based Stress Reduction program, … Continued

  • David Cole’s Story

    David Cole shares his story in this podcast on how he went from a very healthy athlete, to a person diagnosed with kidney disease. And then, how his life changed after having a kidney transplant. David has organized the Raven … Continued

  • Integrative Medicine Discussion

    In this podcast, Dr. Ron Falk discusses integrative medicine with Dr. Remy Coeytaux, an integrative medicine physician who practices at the Integrative Health Center of Chapel Hill, who blends traditional and complementary or alternative methods in caring for patients. Also … Continued

  • Kidney Transplant: Two Sisters

    This podcast features two former UNC kidney transplant patients, Marisa McLeod, who donated her kidney to her sister Carmen Conry in 1991. Eighteen years after their transplant, they share their experience with Dr. Randy Detwiler, who is director of the … Continued

  • Diabetic Kidney Disease

    These podcasts feature Dr. Amy Mottl discussing diabetic kidney disease, or diabetic nephropathy. She answers questions from a patient such as “What is diabetes?”, “What kind of damage does diabetes do to my body?” and “What are my options for … Continued

  • Fibrillary Glomerulonephritis

    These podcasts feature Dr. Ron Falk discussing the kidney disease Fibrillary Glomerulonephritis, or Fibrillary GN. He answers questions from a patient which include: What is Fibrillary GN? Why do I have protein in my urine? What are the symptoms of … Continued

  • FSGS – Focal Segmental Glomerular Sclerosis

    These podcasts feature Dr. Ron Falk discussing the kidney disease FSGS. He answers questions from a patient such as “What is FSGS?”, “How did I get the disease?” and “Is there a cure for FSGS?” Listen to the full length … Continued

  • Healing Through Acupuncture

    Although not part of the traditional Western medicine regime, acupuncture can be helpful in the healing process of a patient. In this podcast, Dr. Falk speaks with Dr. Wunian Chen, an acupuncturist and Chinese medicine physician. Vasculitis patient Dianne also … Continued

  • IgA Nephropathy

    These podcasts feature Dr. Ron Falk discussing the kidney disease IgA Nephropathy. This covers questions patients might frequently ask when first diagnosed with IgA, such as “What is IgA Nephropathy?” and “How did I get it?” and covers other questions … Continued

  • Immunizations Discussion

    UNC Kidney Center Director Dr Ron Falk is joined by Dr. David Weber, Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics, School of Medicine and Professor of Epidemiology, Gillings School of Global Public Health at UNC. In this recording, “Immunizations and the Immunocompromised … Continued

  • ANCA Vasculitis: Treatments

    Treatment options and issues related to ANCA Vasculitis are discussed here in these podcasts featuring Dr. Ron Falk. Listen to the full length recording (34 min) Full-Length Track What kinds of medicine will I need to take? How will I … Continued

  • Anti-GBM

    These podcasts feature Dr. Ron Falk discussing the kidney disease Anti-Glomerular Basement Membrane Disease (Anti-GBM.) He answers questions from a patient which include: What is Anti-GBM Disease? Is Anti-GBM the same as Goodpasture’s Syndrome? Is Anti-GBM caused by inhaling chemicals? … Continued

  • Being There For Your Friend with Vasculitis

    When someone has a friend or family member who has been diagnosed with vasculitis, that person might not know what to say or what to do. Delesha Carpenter, PhD, MSPH helps friends of vasculitis patients understand what it is like … Continued

  • ANCA: Living a Full Life with ANCA Vasculitis

    Dr. Falk is joined by ANCA patient Dianne Shaw in this podcast. They discuss ways that an ANCA patient can improve the quality of his or her life. Topics include: *Managing Your Disease *Healthy Behaviors *Finding Support *Finding Your “New … Continued

  • ANCA Vasculitis Pathology

    This video features J. Charles Jennette, MD and patient Dianne Shaw, and they discuss what ANCA Vasculitis is, what causes it, and what it looks like in a biopsy. Dr. Jennette is Brinkhous Distinguished Professor and Chair of Pathology and … Continued

  • ANCA Vasculitis

    Dr. Ron Falk, at the May 2008 patient support meeting of the Vasculitis Foundation- North Carolina/Raleigh chapter, engages in a conversation with Vasculitis patients. Questions and answers pertain specifically to the kidney disease ANCA Vasculitis. During this meeting, Dr. Falk … Continued