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My Dialysis Plan™ is an interdisciplinary plan of care program designed to align dialysis care with patient-identified priorities and improve the care planning experience. We developed the program in collaboration with patients, clinic personnel, and medical providers. My Dialysis Plan™ resources include a video and written materials for patients and care team members.

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Program Overview (start here)

The program overview is a brief description of My Dialysis Plan™ with links to each program resource.

Program Resources

Short Video: Let’s Talk about Dialysis Care Planning

This 3.5 minute video was created “by patients, for patients” to encourage individuals to get involved in dialysis care planning as a means to care individualization. Patients share their experiences with dialysis care planning and how a different approach might improve care. Spanish subtitles are available.

Written Materials

Educational Resources

Patient brochure (English) – Explains why care plans are important; describes what to expect and provides meeting preparation questions.

Care team guide (English) – Provides a program overview, care plan meeting conversation guide, and potential challenges and solutions.

Implementation Resources

  • Pre-meeting patient questionnaire (Spanish & English) – Captures patient preferences for meeting location, timing, and attendees
  • Care plan meeting introductory and closing scripts (English) – Sample language for care teams
  • Care plan (Spanish & English) – Place to record patient priorities, barriers, and action items during the meeting
  • Use cases (English) – 3 examples of person-centered care planning (2 abbreviated, 1 detailed)

Professional Printing Options

Patient brochure – (Color & Black and white)

Care team guide – (Color & Black and white)

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Learn More

Learn more about our dialysis care planning project, or contact the research team.

Project Funding & Copyright Information

Funded by the American Institutes for Research (AIR), with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF), for a Patient-Centered Measurement Pilot.

My Dialysis Plan™ Copyright © 2019 The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

You may use, reproduce, and distribute My Dialysis Plan™ free of charge, provided your distribution to third parties is free of charge. Other than adding your name, contact information and logo, you may not make any modifications to the work without the permission of Jennifer Flythe ( 919-966-2561). My Dialysis Plan™ does not endorse any products or services. This copyright and permission notice shall be included in all copies of My Dialysis Plan™.

Additional Resources


Shared Decision-Making

Care Planning Tools

Contact the Research Team

Jenny Flythe, MD, MPH
Co-Project Lead
UNC Kidney Center
7024-Burnett Womack CB #7155
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7155

Derek Forfang
Co-Project Lead
San Pablo, CA

Adeline Dorough, MPH
Project Coordinator
UNC Kidney Center
7024-Burnett Womack CB #7155
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7155