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Developed in collaboration with patients, clinic personnel, and medical providers, My Dialysis Plan is designed to align dialysis care with patient-identified priorities, promote care individualization, and improve the care planning experience.



Program Materials



We extend utmost gratitude to our innovative and patient-centered stakeholder panel who offered guidance and feedback at every stage of development – from ideation to data analysis, program development to clinic implementation, and everything in between. Thank you –

  • Jim Mold, Family Medicine
  • Colleen Chavis, Patient (North Carolina)
  • Kevin Fowler, Patient and Family Member (Illinois)
  • Shirley Franks, Patient (North Carolina)
  • Dave White, Patient (New York)
  • Lisa Harvey, Dialysis Organization Clinical Operations Manager
  • Bradley Manton, Dialysis Clinic Social Worker
  • Lucy Menefee, Dialysis Nurse Practitioner

Funded by the American Institutes for Research (AIR), with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF), for a Patient-Centered Measurement Pilot.

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